Watcher XL Plus - Video Playback

Watcher XL Plus - Video Playback

To review and backup recorded video, click on Playback at the bottom of the main screen (). Here you can view recorded video, save pictures, and backup video and still shots to a CD or USB drive. To play video just select a date on the right-hand side, select a time, click on OK, and double-click camera on the timeline at the bottom to start playing. The image and key below explain the screen icons.

Icons in the Playback Screen:

  1. Date Select – Select the date you would like to view.
  2. Device List & Timeline – Double click a camera line and time you would like to play.
  3. Window View Mode – Select the number of windows you want to view.
  4. Play All Cameras – Plays all cameras at time selected.
  5. Close All Cameras & Change Date – Closes all cameras and displays calendar.
  6. Play a Minute Backward – Goes back one minute from current playback time.
  7. Play a Minute Forward – Advances one minute ahead from current playback time.
  8. Play/Pause – Plays or pauses the selected camera.
  9. Backup – Allows you to backup recorded video to USB flash drive or CD/DVD (CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, or DVD-RW formats).
  10. Screenshot –  Saves a still screenshot of the selected video.
  11. Next Frame – Goes to the next frame of selected camera.
  12. DST Playback – Will not be used.
  13. ICON Search – Opens the icon search to view a time interval on one camera.
  14. Search Images –  View all screenshots and copy to a USB flash drive.
  15. Speed – Speed up or slow down the current playing video.
  16. Audio On/Off – Adjusts the volume of an audio camera if selected.
  17. Exit – Exit Playback.

This video goes over the icons and viewing video.

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