Watcher XL Plus - Phone App Setup

Watcher XL Plus - Phone App Setup

XL Plus Remote App Setup

The app is “NVSS Client” for iPhone and “Watcher Mobile” for Android. App is very similar between the two different brands. This app is also recommended for older Windows XL DVRs.

For iPhone

  1.    Open Apple App Store.
  2.    Search and download “NVSS Client”.
  3.    Open the app.
  4.    Tap the Main Menu button (three dashes) in the upper left corner.
  5.    Tap Server Management.
  6.    Tap the Plus sign (+) in the top right corner.
  7.    Input the following info:
  1. Device Name: (Name it whatever you like)
  2. Register Mode: IP/Domain
  3. IP Address: **
  4. Port: 5100
  5. Username: admin
  6. Password: (Input system password)
  1.     When done, tap the Save button (floppy disk) in the top right.
  2.    Tap the Menu button in the top left again.
  3.    Tap Live Stream.
  4.    Tap the Plus sign (+) in the top right, your new server should be listed.
  5.    Tap the Checkbox to the right of the server name in the play list.
  6.    Tap the Play button (triangle) in the top right, the cameras should start playing.

For Android

Please call for assistance with Android. The app is currently not available on the Play Store. We will be updating this as soon as possible.

Once installed, you can follow steps 3-13 from the iPhone section above.

**Remote access can normally utilize two IP Addresses, a local (LAN) address that you can use to view while you are connected to the store Wi-Fi, and a public (WAN) address that you can use to view cameras from outside of the store. These can be setup as two separate server connections in the phone app. You can find the appropriate IP addresses using the following info:

LAN Address:

  1.    Click the Hammer and Screwdriver icon in the bottom left of the main viewing screen.
  2.    Click Network Settings.
  3.    Network Adapter 1 IP is listed here.

WAN Address:

  1. Minimize the software and hold down ALT and press F1, this will open a menu in the top left of the screen.
  2. Browse to Internet, then open Firefox.
  3. Open the webpage, this will list your public IP Address.
  4. You will also need to open port 5100 on TCP/UDP Protocols to view remotely, please contact us or your IT / POS Technician to complete this.
  5. You can check to make sure the port is open via the website, there is a built-in port checker. Type port 5100 and click check. If it returns “Success!” then the port is opened and ready for remote viewing.

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