Watcher XL Plus – User Interface Overview

Watcher XL Plus – User Interface Overview

The main screen of the XL Plus has many different icons. Here is an image of the screen and the definitions of the icons below.

  1. Live Preview Screen – Displays live video from selected devices.
  2. Split View Button – Allows you to select how many live screens are displayed.
  3. System Settings Button – Opens the Settings menu.
  4. Playback Button – Opens Playback feature for viewing and backing up recorded video.
  5. Group View&Setting Button – Opens display group settings.
  6. Manual Record Button – Turn on/off manual recording for all cameras connected.
  7. Capture Image Button – Takes a snapshot image of the currently selected camera and saves it to the specified location in System Settings. Images can be viewed and copied in Playback.
  8. Channel Setting Button – Opens the Camera Settings menu.
  9. Device Management Button – Opens the Device Manager to add a new camera.
  10. Lock Screen Button – Locks the system and prompts for a username and password.
  11. Power Button – Shutdown or restart the system.
  12. Log Info Panel – Detailed log of operations (off by default).
  13. Info Panel – Details about the CPU usage, time/date, and HDD status.  –The HDD has an error.  Disk_Formatting_icon –The HDD is formatting.  Disk _Empty_icon –The HDD is empty. Disk_Writing_icon –The HDD is writing.  Disk_Full_icon –The HDD is full. Disk_Used_icon –The HDD is used but not full.
  14. Device List Panel – Displays each connected device and its record status.
  15. Color/Audio Adjust Panel – Allows adjustment of color and audio settings of selected camera.
  16. PTZ Control Panel – Controls for PTZ cameras.

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