Watcher TVI – Playback Guide

Watcher TVI – Playback Guide


Playback the record files of a specific channel in the live view menu. Channel switch is supported.

Instant Playback by channel
  1. Choose a Channel under live view.
  2. Click on XLE_Channel_icon in the shortcut operation menu.

Note: Only files recorded during the past five minutes on this channel will be played back.

Instant Playback Interface

Playback by channel
  1. Enter the Playback menu.
  2. Right click on a channel in live view mode. The following menu will pop up.
  3. xle_playback_channel_menu
  4. Click on Playback from the menu.
  5. Click on Play to play back recorded files of the channel under single-screen live view. Under multi-screen live view, record files of the selected channel will be played back.
Playback Management
  1. The Toolbar in the bottom part of Playback interface can be used to control the playing process.
  2. Click on the Check boxes of the channel or channels if you want to switch playback.
Playback Interface

Detailed Explanation of Playback Toolbar


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